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Default Can I ask the Admin a question?

Can we have an RPG(Role Playing Games)?
Like this: (I made this)


A big hall with lot's of People From row A to Z. You're back stage learning your lines for your part and people getting ready to go on. But there can't be any play without any scripts.Like this:

*Sailor Cosmos walks onstage*

"Welcome I'm Sailor Cosmos and tonight we bring you a play of Sailor Moon. There will be lots of acts. From the Beginning to our very end. As you sit down and watch we will perform to you:

Sailor Moon

*Walks off Stage*

It's time for the Rules:
1.No plays are accepted over the rating PG.If they're rated PG-13 or R, I will ban you from the RPG.*
2.You must have all the acts,chapters,and people in the play. We want to understand what's going on in your play.
3.No nasty words. If I see them,you're banned automatically.*
4.If you want a Senshi that's a brother or sister to another and someone owns them both,you MAY NOT have them.Only if they're cousins.
5.Absolutely,NO COPYING.We've had too many complaints already and I don't want to see it again.EVER.
6.Most of all,have fun! We want our members to have fun with their plays and acting.

NOTE: Play won't be open until 8 or 10 members. As soon as we get that send us who you'll like to be and your personality.

1. Life On The Moon Kingdom
2. Attack Of The Moon Kingdom
3. A Moon Star Is Born
4. So You Want To Be A Superstar
5. Computer School Blues/Meeting Of Amy
6. Time Bomb
7. Uncharmed Life/Meeting Of Raye
8. Fight To The Finish
9. Shutter Bugged
10. Dangerous Dollies
11. Who Is That Masked Man
12. A Friend in Wolf's Clothing
13. Jupiter Comes Thundering In/Meeting Of Lita
14. The Power of Friendship
15. Mercury's Mental Match
16. An Artful Attack
17. Too Many Girlfriends
18. Grandpa's Follies
19. Tuxedo Melvin
20. Sailor V Makes A Scene/Meeting Of Mina
21. A Crystal Clear Destiny/Moon Princess Is Revealed
22. The Past Returns
23. Day Of Destiny/Meeting Of Queen Beryl And Final Battle

Note:This is when you're done with your character and I have approved it.
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Neo Moonlight Knight
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Default RE: Can I ask the Admin a question?

Yes You can have RPG's, bring on more members. Sorry for the delay, I been busy. oh and welcome
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