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Default Re: How did Tommy Become Green Ranger for LB

Originally Posted by Miki1988 View Post
Personally, I'd rather see him with at least 1 MMPR character showing up. But considering how much of a mess that entire season is/was and how much of a mess the episode itself is/was, I'm actually surprised that the producers were actually able to at least make SOME veteran ranger cameos. I recently re-watched the episode and we should be actually thankful that WE EVEN GOT the LB episode as is, because otherwise, we'd be witnessing the Megaforce team talking to a bunch of masked stunt actors with voice actors filling up for the real actors the MMPR S2 way.
I have to admit that you have a good point. LB could have been even worse. I wouldn't have put it past them to try that crap.
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