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Old 08/29/09, 03:12 AM   #1
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Default Dragon Knight Episode #20: "Letter From the Front-Line"

Kit's dad has been kidnapped, and the Cho bros know something. Kit challenges Danny and Albert for information, but the combo of Spear and Axe get Dragon Knight into big trouble.
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Old 08/29/09, 03:59 PM   #2
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Good follow up to last week's episode. Len talking to himself again was kind of wierd, but then it did make sense. He is the last original Kamen Rider(?) and he is the only one with the experience to lead others.

I am really anticipating next week's episode though. That is where the real fight will take place and in my opinion the fight that makes the Rider Dragon Knight superior to the Rider Ryuki.
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Old 08/29/09, 05:30 PM   #3
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I liked this because they actually took the time to deal with Chris's loss. Len being angry and whooping ass, Maya being sad and looking back through her files, and Kit being distracted because he's lost track of his father at the same time. Not to mention Lacey being concerned for her best friend's well being hanging out with the leather jacket gang.

I really wish Kit had been able to kick a little more butt, though, seeing as he was so pissed. I cheered when he shoved Danny.
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Old 08/29/09, 07:21 PM   #4
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I agree, a well done episode. I loved how they dealt with the after effects of Chris being Vented. It was very emotional.

Trent and Lacy seem like they are becoming more interesting characters. Lacy being torn between Maya and Mechille is going to be a good arch for the character. Trent has been stronger in his roll as Maya's confidante

Len talking to himself is interesting. I suspect there has to be more to that. Just like there is more to Kit "talking to his dad".

I think Chris letter made his dad seem like less of a bad guy. In the limited time we saw of his dad, he seemed like a real jerk. But from the letter, it seems like he was a good father to Chris in many other ways. Even if he handled his asthma situation all wrong.

I continue to love the villain seens. William O'leary continue to steal the show. Strike is awesome as his right hand man. The Cho's are good henchmen. I wonder what Xaviax's plans for Frank are. Does Frank play an important role in his plans? Also, why does he insist on Kit being Vented last?

The confrontation between Kit and the Cho's was set up well. It was interesting to see so much fire in Kit's eyes. Too bad he got beat up so badly. But thats actually good. It makes us want to see the hero get his payback when the time comes. I wonder if Kit is going to be the one to Vent the Chos.
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Old 08/29/09, 10:00 PM   #5
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'Letter From The Front Line' is a good episode. I gave it a 6. Kit, Len and Maya felt some guilt over what happen to Chris. Axe and Spear has defeated Kit. The only reason that they didn't vent Kit, was because of Xaviax's orders. I have this feeling that they are going to regret leting him live.
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Old 08/30/09, 03:30 PM   #6
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I felt as though it wasn't as good as the last episode, but still fair. Kit's fight witht he Cho brothers was a bit of a let down for me... I mean for the titular character, Kit really hasn't done anything particular special, or made a decision that advances the plot, or takes it somewhere new. I'm really hoping Kit grows into his own in the next episode. He's supposed to be some sort of pivotal character so I'd really like to see him doing more.
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