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Lightbulb Power Rangers Rebel Force (Need help)

This the setting: (Pre-Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. AKA Ten-Thousand-Years. ) End of the season is has to be getting Rita into the Can we saw in the Might Morphin Power Rangers.

Here's what I got:

Old Sage, Zordon and his newly married wife, Dimitria traveling around the universe. The have to get gold for fuel for their spaceship. They landed on planet earth. Planet was primitive as possible for humans. The just starting making stone weapons. His sister-in-law, Divatox. Elgar, Havoc, All five found Goesi. Who Goesi became the Apprentice. They meet Rita Repulsa, Rito Revolto, Master Vile, Scorpina, Goldar (without his Gold armor. ), Squatt, Baboo and Finster on the battle field. The Five heroes meets Trey, Ninjor, and Alien Rangers saved Zordon, Dimitira, Divatox and Goesi at first. Master Vile send jealous energy to Divatox and she become evil and drown herself instead of trying resist the evil but she embrace the evil within her.

Please continue this. I got this far. I need help with this plot. Any suggestions?

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