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Default Make Up!

Why do the Guardians say "Mars power make up"? what was wrong with the "mars power"? what does the "make up" represent? Do those lines resemble those that were also in the manga? This is comparing it to the Dic dub/Viz dub.
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Default Re: Make Up!

I believe the lines are in the manga. But there are no transformation sequences. The line are just part of Sailor Monon and were removed by the original two dubs.

I think the idea is based on woman wearing make up. We see that the Soldiers are supposed to be bueatiful. I think the idea is to apeal to young girls. Which was the original demo they were targeted. The show just became popular with many age groups. Mostly since it had a lot of Shonto elements too.
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Default Re: Make Up!

the problem is when it got translated to the anime.

Usagi would say something like "Moon Prism Power Make Up"
but when it was dubbed by DiC and later by Cloverway they would just remove the "Make Up" part of the call which posed problems in instances when they did the group "Make Up" calls so viz opted to keep the Make Up line for their dubs regardless of how weird it might sound to an English audience
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