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Default Re: Are ranger colors supposed to be ranks?

Your on the right track,But remember it's a
show,but seriously coveredinstars you should be familiar
with the Ying and Yang of Martial-Arts? <br>The Pink
and the Yellow being the weaker sex? <br>Evenso,
they're the backbone of the Power Rangers.
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Default Re: Are ranger colors supposed to be ranks?

Not really true all the time:<br><br>MegaRanger:
<br>Black: leader, honor, protection, ect.<br>Red: comical,
lazy at times, hot head, leaps into action with out
thinking<br>Blue: mysterym aloof<br>Yellow: straight lace, thinks
before leaping<br>Pink: Strong one, with a personality
that matched Red's<br><br>KakuRanger:<br>White: female
leader, strong personality<br>Red: reckless, can be a hot
head at times<br>Blue: easily flattered, always
talking, and has an ego problem<br>Black: down to earth
straight lace guy who is trying to learn as much as he can
about Japan and fit in...his
Japanese/American<br>Yellow: His name means pure but his anything BUT pure,
loves food, sleep, and women<br><br>GoRanger:<br>Red:
Cool and calm tectician with a strong sense of
responsibility<br>Blue: the cool capable decision maker<br>Yellow:
Strongest on the team, an engineering researcher<br>Pink:
Expert in explosives she is a chemical analyst. Half
caucasian half Japanese.<br>Green: the youngest on the team
and could be at times the most
reckless.<br><br>LiveMan:<br>Red: strong leader <br>Yellow: not a good student put
his a no nonsense kind of guy<br>Blue: she is the
smartest one of them all and always mean
business<br>Green: can be comical when he wants<br>Black: somewhat
of a hot head<br><br>ChangeMan:<br>Red: Strong
leader<br>Black: dandy who LOVES women<br>Blue: comic fun loving
guy who LOVES food<br>White: the care giver of the
group<br>Pink: strong personality and leathal during a fight.
She's all business.<br><br>That's just a few examples
with Sentai, its not always a given that each color
coded member has those same personalities. ^_~
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