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Default A reason why the Venterra Riders had Earth duplicates?

One of the unanswered quesions about Dragon Knight is the connection between the Venterra and Earth Riders. We know that most Venterra Riders had duplicates on Earth. But once it was revealed that the Riders were from the 40s and spent time in cryogenic suspension, it made no sense why their duplicates were on present day Earth at the same age.

I think I have a plausible theory. Xaviax planned on stealing the decks and was just waiting for the right time to strike. Years before he tricked Adam I think he planned everything out already ( he was a very devious villain). I think he implanted the DNA if the Venterra Riders into Humans so perfect duplicates of the Venterra Riders would be born. Persumable it took him years to best ready for a comeback since Kit's generation was born decades after the Advent Master defeated Xaviax. Or its possible that there were several generations of Eath Duplicates born for Whenever Xaviax was able to get a hold of the decks. It wouldnt surprised me if he targeted Adam as the weak link. He could have even helped him meet his girlfriend to give him a reason to quit being a Rider.

Now as to why Xaviax would have known he would need new Kamen Riders? They were a contingey plan. Xaviax probably knew a few riders could escape and made re he had a way of venting hem. Or figured being able to recruit an army of Kamen RIDERS WOULD PAYOFF AT SOME POINT.
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