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Default Re: PRC Board /Rangerboard

It used to be even more crazy years ago. Since the rules were very lax, it was kinda like the wild west. It can still be a crazy but I don't take anything personally. I won't lie I.miss the whacky days . Of course some of that is nostalgia talking. I can't deny that RB is an excellent hub for the fandom and has had an amazing run.

I do disagree with how they run their ad forum. Its only for vip 2 members and pending approval from mods. You can't even advertise sites you don't own. Too me advirtisement forums shouldn't be heavily modded. I know you have to protect against fraud and to stop members from posting successsive threads....But over worrying about it is silly. Since the whole reason ad forums exist is to keep them out of gen discussion. How can you spam the ad forum with ads when thats the whole point?

Off Topic mixed with PR has always been a trademark of RB. But now there is so much Off Topic that you really have to look for PR Topics. I know they probably want to keep the tradition of not having one, but it may be time for an off topic section.
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