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Default Re: Saban's own original PR concepts

Good point Ray.

Well as for the reason why there was a toy Pink Shogunzord instead of white, that must have been Bandai's flaw. I guess they were just used to having the five basic colors being red, black, blue, yellow, and pink [not white].

Another thing is that in Kakuranger, there were white, red, black, blue, and yellow rangers. They started off with the Shogunzords, then the Battle Borgs, and then the Ninjazords. So for Saban to use this for MMPRs3, he had to rearrange the order in which the Zords appeared. The Crane Ninjazord, even though a white mecha in Kakuranger, probably was able to pass as a pink mecha for PR. Plus they had the Falconzord, which is a self-operated mecha in Kakuranger. They were able to use that for the White Ranger's Zord for PR. Kimberly was going to leave the show, so they just made it so that they didn't get a Shogunzord along with the other rangers. She'd have to co-pilot the White Shogunzord with Tommy. Then they got Kat, and she did it. Then, they used the Kakuranger suits for the Alien Rangers, and had them use the Battle Borgs and borrow the rangers' Shogunzords whenever necessary.

Oh yeah, I should have also mentioned the Ninja Rangers as Saban's original rangers, along with the Titanium Ranger.
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