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Default Dragon Knight is a victory for Kamen Rider Fans

Now that Dragon Knight has debuted ( okay officially a sneak peak but close enough) it really makes you think about how far Kamen Rider has come.

Kamen Rider fans got adapation in Masked Rider. But that was short lived and a long time ago. It also wasn't as faithful to the show as many fans would have liked ( if you think about it as its own entity it was fine). But its been years since anything from Kamen Rider was exported. And really we had no reason to expect anything to ever be adapted again. Its not like there has been an explosion of Toku adaptions the past few years. PR was the last Toku left standing for years ( and really the only one with any type of long term success here).

Whether Dragon Knight ends up lasting more then a season or not, the fact is we got a US Kamen Rider adaption. One that seems faithful to what Kamen Rider is all about ( at least based on what we know). So the Kamen Rider Fandom has a lot of reason to celebrate. Whether it has legs or not, no one can take Kamen Rider Dragon Knight away from the Kamen Rider Fandom ( now I'll admit I'm not really a Japenese Kamen Rider fan myself, more of an American Toku fan).
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