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Default Re: Power Rangers Rebel Force (Need help)

What if the demons from Lightspeed recuse was the one who created the Dumpster? This dumpster turn anyone in the dumpster evil for next ten thousand years. Thousands of years later.

Zedd, Divatox, Zordon, Dimitira, Ninjor and Goesi we the next Power Rangers. These people would be the ones that the Demons.

But the Orgs send the Zedd, Divatox, Zordon, Dimitira, Ninjor and Goesi into space and dimensions.

The Zordon's and Dimitira's son created the Machine Empire to try to take but use of the Dark Specter and Master Vile use this moment to turned the Machine Empire into an evil empire and cause Zordon's and Dimitira's memories of their son lost forever and they lost their memory of their marriage to each other.

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