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Default Re: Power Rangers Rebel Force (Need help)

Originally Posted by Gruook View Post
3. Also what Alpha model was with Zordon when they had found the Coins?
Ninjor meets them with other hero but Zordon and Alpha 5 asked Ninjor for the five extra power coins. Dragon Coin was given to Zordon and Dimitira’s son.

4. It was mentioned in Ninja Quest by Alpha 5 that they (meaning him and Zordon) had found the Coins along with the map to the Temple and no problem about the info.
Cause they already had the map cause they already meet Ninjor.
that wouldn't fit within the context of MMPR since Alpha had they had FOUND the Coins not that they were given them and that they had found the the Map along with the Coins.

8. There should definitely be an explanation for why Scorpina wasn't imprisoned in the dumpster like Rita, Goldar, Finster, Squatt and Baboo were.
What if she was order to get some back up from other villains? Who created the dumpster? I think it would been Zordon’s & Dimitira’s son created the dumpster.
yes that's a good idea and I don't know who created the dumpster but if you want to believe the Fan Club video then it was Zordon himself who had made the video but there is no evidence to support whether the video is even in continuity with the show or not.

9. I don't know if there was ever a Ranger team that Zordon had before he recruited Zack, Kimberly and the others on Earth but regardless of that I wouldn't say anyone had created Goldar's armor but rather I would say that Lord Zedd had used his dark magic to reinforce it.
What if Goldar fell into a cave that was that mean gold. He was with Zedd. Zedd decide to make the armor and reinforce it to be stuck on him forever?
ah yes that's a good idea Goldar could be similar to his current look but with no armor instead his skin would look similar to his face however the accident and Zedd's dark magic resulted in his current appearance.

If you want your part in the story. Please make that part blue and bold like this " Rebel Force Power Rangers "
I really don't care if any of my ideas are used or not you can use them if you want to.

Originally Posted by Hailey Ziktor View Post
Only problem is Zordon and Alpha said Ninjor was a legend who they weren't sure even existed.
yup exactly.
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