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Default Re: Power Rangers Rebel Force (Need help)

Originally Posted by Hailey Ziktor View Post
Why would Rita be Ranger if she was the daughter of Master Vile?

I would say Rita. Since Zedd barely knew who Goldar was in his debut episode.
Ninjor was the one who created the Power Coins but what if his Apprentice was Zordon's and Dimitira's son? But at the end of the series He's becomes a lab Rat to someone that was a Employee from the Branorseek Empire. Before he becomes the lab rat he send the Power coins to his father but send the Dragon Coin to Rita cause he had puppy crush on her. LOL.

Maybe she was in the Rebel stage in her life as most teenagers are to their parents? That's why she join the Zordon's group. When Rita and Divatox turned evil after they reached Adulthood.

Pegacorn, Pegasus, Phoenix, Kraken, Griffin and Sphinx = Monkzord

They also meet Blue Senturion, Lerigot.

What about Dark Specter? Dex/Masked Rider, And Phantom Ranger? What about Magna Defender?

What if Dark Specter turned Zedd into the monster looking guy we see him.

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