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Default Re: Power Rangers Rebel Force (Need help)

Originally Posted by MattEmily View Post
I don't know if Zordon and Dimitria were truly married or not but Dex definitely did not build Alpha 5 it was King Lexian who had built him but other than that there should definitely be a description of how they found the Power Coins and the Map that they found. Was it when Zordon was still freed or was it after he had been trapped? I don't know if he had met Auric but Auric was aware of him so I would assume they had probably met at same point same with Trey.
Sorry about the who build Alpha. It been a long time since I watched Power Rangers.

But to answered your question about Zordon and Goesi were both freed and walking around.

The end of the last has to been the trapped Zordon, Goesi and Rita. I think it would be funny to see what if Zordon and Dimitria had a son?

Their son was the one who found the Power Coins. Rita ambushed him to get the dragon coin. Their son's powers into the Power Coins. The ground that they were near. It was a dinosaur bones of all of those . Thanks for the info of who built Alpha 5.

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