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Default Re: Digimon Trio

Here's some additional info on Digimon Trio including a brief summary and character profiles and here is the post that will reflect the U.S. dub names.

Digimon Adventure tri. Chapter 1, “Reunion”

It’s been 6 years since Tai Kamiya Taichi and the Digidesstined went to the other world, the Digital World, in that summer adventure,
and 3 years since Kari Kamiya and the others’ last battle against MaloMyotismon.
As peaceful days continue, the gate to the Digital World closes at one point. Time passes without even the Digidestined knowing why it has closed…
Then, one day, a Kuwagamon suddenly appears in Odaiba. The town is destroyed and people flee in panic from its rampage. Tai, who happens to see the Kuwagamon by chance, chases after it alone in order to stop it. But Tai is powerless to do anything against the Kuwagamon by himself.
“It’s no good… I can’t do anything on my own…”
As Kuwagamon closes in on Tai with a roar, his Digivice suddenly begins to glow bright–
“Tai, you sure got big!”
At the sound of that familiar voice, the story turns largely once again.
Tai Kamiya, 17-years-old, high school.
The adventure evolves once again…

Tai Kamiya
A 2nd year who attends Tsukishima General High School. He is part of the soccer club and works hard at training every day. He is classmates with Sora Takenouchi in the same class. Six years ago, he acted as the leader of the Digidestined in their adventure in the Digital World. He has a strong sense of justice, and his earnest, straightforward side hasn’t changed from his elementary school days, but lately he’s been seen worrying about what to do in his future.

Tai’s Digimon partner. A reptile Digimon who walks on two legs. Normally he’s very laid-back, but when the time calls for it, he faces down the enemy without considering the danger to himself. His special attack is a ball of flame that he spits out from his mouth, Pepper Breath.

Matt Ishida
A 2nd year who attends Tsukishima General High School. He is in the class next door to Tai and Sora. Although he looks cold by appearance, he is actually very considerate of his friends and has a fierce personality. His straightforward attitude often causes his opinions to clash with Tai’s. He continues to play in a band much as he has done in middle school, as both bass and vocals. His previous band had been temporarily disbanded, perhaps due to differences in musical ideas among the band members, so he has recently formed a new band.

Yamato’s Digimon partner. He wears Garurumon’s fur coat, but he is really a reptile Digimon like Agumon. His special attack is a small ball of flame, Blue Blaster.

Sora Takenouchi
A 2nd year in Tsukishima General High School, and both classmate and childhood friend to Tai. While she has a tomboyish and down-to-earth personality, she possesses both considerate kindness and tact towards other people and a strong sense of responsibility. She intervenes at times when Tai and Matt are fighting, and she is the “big sister” who brings everyone together.

Sora’s Digimon partner. A baby bird Digimon whose wings have developed into arms. Her special attack is an illusory fire, Spiral Twister.

Izzy Izumi
A 1st year in Tsukishima General High School. He is an intelligent logical thinker who knows a lot about computers and the internet. He is proficient at quickly grasping a situation and analyzing it. He has an active side, where he communicates with “the Digidestined” throughout the world on the internet, but sometimes he can become so absorbed in knowledge and collecting information that he ignores everything else around him.

Izzy's’s Digimon partner. An insect Digimon with six legs and a hard shell. His special attack is releasing static electricity from tactile sensation, Super Shocker.

Mimi Tachikawa
A cheerful and innocent girl. She can be selfish and move at her own pace, but at the core, she is a kind person and liked by everyone. While she loves music and is a skillful singer, she also has a peculiar sense of taste thanks to her parents. While she had been living in America because of her dad’s job, she returns back to live in Japan. Her long years abroad have put a further shine to her innocence.

Mimi’s Digimon partner. A plant Digimon with a tropical flower on her head. Her special attack uses poisonous ivy, Poison Ivy.

Joe Kido
A sincere, serious-minded boy. He is a 3rd year who attends a high-level school in the city, and is currently studying to get into med school. Not only is he preparing for university exams, but he is also attending a prep school and is doing nothing but studying. However, his grades aren’t going up as much as he would like and he is beginning to be troubled over that.

Joe’s Digimon partner. A marine mammal Digimon covered in warm fur who is good at swimming. When he gets angry, the red hair that spreads from his head to his back stands on end. His special attack is freely using his henchmen fish, Marching Fishes.

T.K. Takeru
A 2nd year who attends Odaiba Middle School. He lives apart from his brother Matt because of their parents’ divorce, but the two have a good relationship and they frequently keep in touch. Just like Izzy, he keeps in contact with “the Digidestined” throughout the world through his blog.

T.K’s Digimon partner. A mammal Digimon with unique large ears. His special attack is swallowing air and spitting it back out in one burst, Boom Bubble.

Kari Kamiya
Tai’s sister and a 2nd year who attends Odaiba Middle School. She always has her brother Tai on her mind, and although she has a kind personality, she can also be very fierce. She loves sweets; lately the ice bars at the convenience store are her favorite. She still continues with the photography that she began out of interest as a hobby in elementary school.

Kari’s Digimon partner. A holy beast Digimon shaped like a small cat. Her special attack is using her sharp long nails, Lightning Paw.
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