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Jitterdoomer 10/24/14 10:42 PM

Masked Rider Worriers
In this episode, the names of the Showa Kamen Riders totally mixed up their names except for Kamen Rider 1 and ZX (e.g. Skyrider was named Amazon, Kamen Rider X was named V3, etc). What is the reason behind this mess when adapting those 10?

MattEmily 10/24/14 10:46 PM

Re: Masked Rider Worriers
dunno, perhaps they misread the script or something... anything is possible.

Zabitan 10/24/14 10:52 PM

Re: Masked Rider Worriers
I didn't know about the Masked Rider Worriers it sounds like they should talk to someone about it so they stop worrying about it.

Seriously though I thought they were okay just because we got to see the Old Gen Kamen Riders in a Saban show though I always wondered how King Lexian wasn't one of them since I imagined he would either be Kamen Rider Ichigo or Kamen Rider Black (original version not RX).

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