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PRangerX 02/18/04 01:21 AM

Do you think MMPR is Overrated

Kamen Rider Decade 02/18/04 11:18 PM

Verry Overrated.

MattEmily 02/02/14 09:23 PM

Yes I do think it's overrated but not extremely overrated. Personally I think most people only like it because it was their first season that they watched but I really don't see much of a story with it. Seasons 1 and 2 mostly only focused on Tommy - him turning evil, becoming good, losing his powers because of Rita, regaining his powers thanks to Zordon, losing his powers for good during a fight against one of Zedd's Monsters and then becoming the White Ranger. Season 3 did do some great stories however so that's a plus. Season 3 didn't really have any fillers at all.

Zabitan 02/02/14 10:08 PM

Maybe but at the same time I think you could say the same thing about any really popular season.

Like for instance I think Time Force is overrated because it's Timeranger: the American version with a half passed "don't hate people" message.

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