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PRangerX 02/10/17 09:05 AM

Board Trouble
I have noticed we have had some downtime the last few days. If it keeps uo I will ask the hist whats going on.

Hailey Hartford 02/12/17 04:01 PM

Re: Board Trouble
Good idea. I also had some trouble getting on the board recently.

PRangerX 02/14/17 12:01 AM

Re: Board Trouble
In theast few days? Seems to have worked better the last few days on my end.

Hailey Hartford 02/14/17 08:57 AM

Re: Board Trouble
This was about three or four days ago.

PRangerX 02/14/17 01:30 PM

Re: Board Trouble
That sounds about right.

Hailey Hartford 02/14/17 03:35 PM

Re: Board Trouble
It just happened again.

PRangerX 02/14/17 07:06 PM

Re: Board Trouble
Damn, will have to keep an eye on it

Hailey Hartford 02/14/17 09:28 PM

Re: Board Trouble
Okay. I will let you know if I see it happen again.

Mesogog Lives 02/27/17 10:51 PM

Re: Board Trouble
The board seems fine now.

Hailey Hartford 02/28/17 07:49 AM

Re: Board Trouble
Yes it does. I'm not having anymore trouble getting on here anymore.

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