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Zabitan 01/22/16 02:25 AM

Power Rangers Morphinverse
So I'm thinking of writing my own Ultimate/Revisited version of Power Rangers Season One that I'm currently calling Power Rangers Morphinverse.

Right Now I just have a basic idea for it based on what I've seen of Zyuranger, and the real Power Rangers Season One.

Power Rangers Morphinverse Season One (Power Rangers Dino)

Synopsis: Once upon a 10,000,000 years ago Earth was in the middle of a wondrous age. The dinosaurs were still around. Humans had just appeared. As did creatures we now regard as mythological. And what we now know as Antarctica was once the shining empire of Atlantis colonized by peaceful beings from Earth, and all the peaceful planets of our universe.

But one terrible day various beings from Earth, and other planets turned to evil, and went on mad crusades to conquer the universe. And few of these evil beings were as powerful, and as evil as the sorceress Rita Repulsa a maniacal witch who despised things like goodness, and innocence so much that she lead an army of evil mythological beings to destroy all who had those things especially children, and eventually because of this she drove dinosaurs, and mythological beings to extinction, and destroyed Atlantis.

But there was hope for her evil was not unimpeded. For you see a kind, and wise wizard known as Zordon helped to found an intergalactic legion of heroes who combined the most ancient magic with the most advanced technology giving them amazing weapons, abilities, and vehicles. These heroes were known as Power Rangers.

Zordon went to Earth, and from each of the five tribes of Atlantis he recruited their bravest, wisest, and noble warrior, and he gave them the power of the mighty dinosaurs they worshiped turning them into the Power Rangers of Earth each powered their guardian dinosaur. the Tyrannosaurus, the Mastadon, the Triceratops, the Sabre Toothed Tiger, and the Pterodactyl.

Eventually Zordon, and his Rangers were able to seal Rita Replusa, and her minions in a dumpster like prison where they were condemned to an eternity of immortality but without the ability to interact with the outside world. But this was not without sacrifice for not did Zordon's Rangers ultimately give up their lives but Zordon himself was trapped in a time warp forcing his mechanical assistant Alpha 5 to spend 10,000,000 long years trying to find him.

In modern times a pair of astronauts found Rita's prison, and accidentally freed Rita, and her minions, and now she once again continues her mad crusade to destroy all life on Earth but thankfully Alpha 5 has found Zordon, and although he can't be fully returned from the time warp he has found five direct descendants of his ancient Ranger team in the form of a group of seemingly ordinary teenagers named Jason, Zack, Billy, Trini, and Kimberly.

Revealing to them the secrets of the past, and their own ancestors Zordon gives the five friends the Powers of his last team of Rangers such as the Power Weapons mystical swords, axes, lances, daggers, and bows that can combine to form a devastating plasma cannon called the Power Blaster, and Zords mighty, and ferocious robotic dinosaurs that combine to become a powerful, and noble robot knight called a Megazord.

Using these wondrous abilities the five teenagers are Earth's only hope to prevent Rita Repulsa from finishing what she started eons ago, and destroying Earth, But will their greatest threat end up coming from one of their own? or will he be the key to fulfilling Zordom's prophecy of putting an end to Rita's evil ways.

Anyway that's it for now but I'm still working on it.

I should point out right now that I'm not doing every episode just ones that I either think are important or I just really want to change.

But when I get to where I can start posting episodes I'll try to post them on a regular basis.

Zabitan 01/25/16 03:58 PM

Re: Power Rangers Reloaded
Power Rangers Dino
Episode 1 Day of the Dumpster
By Justin Best

It all started on a day like at Ernie’s Gym, and Juice Bar in the southern California City of Angel Grove. On the Karate Mat a muscular dark haired young man in red workout clothes was sparing with another young man in black, and purple workout clothes. “Nice recovery Zack” Jason said impressed by Zack’s moves. Then the two friends were done sparing, NS they shook each other’s hands, and Zack responded humbly with “Thanks for teaching me Jason”.

While this was going on one of their other friends a brown haired girl in pink workout clothes was doing gymnastics on the balance beam while another a dark haired girl in yellow workout clothes was practicing karate by herself when the girl in pink did a flip off the balance beam, and the girl in yellow congratulated her by saying “That was awesome Kimberly” to which Kimberly responded gratefully with “Thanks Trini”.

Just then another one of their friends a young geeky looking blonde young man with glasses wearing a Karate gi with a blue head band showed up, and said excitedly “Hey fellas” Zack asked gladly with “Yo Billy what’s up?” to which Billy explained “Well I think I’m mentally, and physically prepared for my first Karate class.”

Afterwards two more young men one blonde haired, and plus size, the other dark haired, and scrawny in black, and grey punk style clothing with purple shirts underneath appeared, and Trini said worriedly “Oh no look who showed up”. Kimberly responded disappointedly with “Bulk, and Skull”. Then Bulk said eagerly “Hey girls how about that double date we talked about?”, and Skull followed up with “Yeah double date” before laughing like a hyena, and asking “yeah what about it?”

Trini responded nicely with “Sorry guys”, and Skull was about to walk off when Bulk grabbed him by his collar, and shook his head at him. Then Bulk said angrily “what’s the matter we aren’t good enough for you?”. Trini pleaded “Leave us alone Bulk”, but Bulk only responded with “Yeah make me”, and Skull parroted “Yeah make me”.
Then Zack appeared, and Skull nervously pointed at Bulk, and said “Him make him” Zack then said “You heard what she said” but Bulk was undaunted, and said mockingly “ooh look Skull the dancer wants to be a fighter” Kimberly assured Zack “Don’t worry Zack we can handle these two”.

Bulk responded angrily with Oh yeah let’s show you some karate moves” before he, and Skull charged at Kimberly, and Trini but the two just got out of the way, and threw Bulk, and Skull onto the Gymnastics mat, and Kimberly followed mockingly with “You guys should definitely join Jason’s Karate Class”.

Zabitan 01/25/16 06:30 PM

Re: Power Rangers Reloaded
While this was going on all over Angel Grove people were watching TV when a newscaster announced “We are now live with NASADA’s latest mission to the moon” then the newscast showed images of a space shuttle landing on the moon.

While there two astronauts got out, and started looking around when one of them noticed a shining red light in the distance. The two astronauts followed the glow to a mysterious dumpster like object. “What do you think it is?” one of them asked. The other one simply replied “It looks like a giant space dumpster”.

While on Earth in a mysterious temple like fortress in the bottom of the sea a shiny white crystal ball sprang to life with the image of the two astronauts, and soon all the lights in the fortress sprang to life revealing all sorts of pillars, consoles, and devices including a red humanoid robot with a gold saucer shaped head.

As soon as the robot was activated it looked at the crystal ball, and exclaimed worriedly “Aye ye ye Zordon two astronauts have discovered Rita’s prison, and according to the Command Center’s computer due to continental drift the Command Center is at the bottom of the sea.

Then the tallest pillar surged with energy as it displayed what looked like a giant glowing human head. Zordon then replied “Activate the Geoseismic Modulator, and bring us to the surface”.

“Understood” Alpha responded, as he pressed some buttons on the console causing the land the area around the Command Center to detach from the rest of the sea bed, and rise to the surface as an Island.

Zabitan 01/25/16 07:08 PM

Re: Power Rangers Reloaded
Back on the moon the astronauts had just about removed the lid on the space dumpster, and as soon as they did a geyser of lights emanated from the Dumpster, and the lights solidified the form of four creatures.

A ferocious humanoid panther like creature in gold armor with black falcon like wings, a bat like humanoid creature with a white human like face, and a monocle, a blue pig like humanoid creature in black, and silver armor, and a white creature with elf like ears, and a strange half mammal half reptile like face.

The blue pig like creature cheered “Oh right we’re out” then he went back to the space dumpster, and pleaded “Wake up Rita wake up we’re free”, and out of the space dumpster came what looked like an elderly Asian woman in a brown dress with white pointy hair who yawned, and the blue pig like creature went “Ooh morning breath”, and looked through it’s satchel.

While the white creature just shook it’s head, and said contently “It’s good to be free after 10,000,000 years”. Then the bat like creature went up to Rita who was now wielding a giant gold scepter with a giant round ruby in it, and said obediently “Let me help your evilness. Come on walk with talk with me”.

Then Rita said angrily “You imbecile you made me step in a puddle. Get out of my way monkey face”. Then she took her scepter, and shot energy beams at the dumpster destroying it.

The Astronauts tried to flee for their lives but Rita mockingly “Oh don’t leave you’ll miss my coming out party that’s when I destroy the nearest planet” as she pointed to Earth then she turned her attention back to the Astronauts, and said menacingly “But first how about a token of my gratitude” as she quite literally blew them away off into space.

Zabitan 01/25/16 08:50 PM

Re: Power Rangers Reloaded
Back at the gym, and juice bar Jason was saying proudly “Billy I’m telling you for your first lesson you did really well”. “I did?” Billy asked surprised. “Yeah we were watching” Kimberly answered. But Billy replied nervously “I don’t know I’m just not sure if I have what it takes.” But Trini said “It’s a state of mind Billy you don’t need to be strong for martial arts”. “Yeah it’s all up here” Zack said pointing at his own head.

Then Ernie the plus sized middle aged owner of the gym, and juice bar came over with a plate of drinks, and said “Hey guys” and the five friends replied “Hey Ernie”, and Ernie inquired “So who ordered the spinach juice?”.

Then out of nowhere an earthquake came out of nowhere, and Ernie cried out “Oh no it’s an earthquake everybody stay calm”. Then the earthquake caused Ernie to spill the drinks onto Bulk to which Ernie apologized “Sorry Bulk”.

Downtown skyscrapers started dislodging from their foundations, and moving through the city on their own until they all converged on a single area where a mysterious castle floated down from space and landed on the building in the center.
A reporter in a helicopter watching it could only muster a shocked “Goodness gracious it seems some kind of flying castle has landed in downtown Angel Grove”. Then the castle’s doors opened and out came Rita flying on some strange looking old fashioned tricycle followed by the panther like creature in gold armor.

Then Rita shouted at everyone in Angel Grove “Hear me you pathetic earthlings. I am Rita Repulsa the most powerful, and evil witch in the universe. I can, and I have destroyed countless worlds just because I didn’t like the way they look, and now I’m going to do the same to your planet”.

Then she took her scepter, and from it she projected an image of the space shuttle miniaturized inside her castle with the miniaturized astronauts trapped inside. Rita then menacingly told them “As you can see I have these poor fools who released me hostage”.

Then she showed them an image of a mace being hung by a string with a magnifying glass aimed at the string that was using the focused light to slowly burn the string. “And in just a few hours their going to be my first victims as well” then she broke out into maniacal laughter.

Zabitan 01/25/16 09:17 PM

Re: Power Rangers Reloaded
Back at the Command Center Alpha was watching the events transpire on the viewing globe, and going “Aye ye ye we’re too late Zordon Rita, and her minions are free”.

Zordon then tried to calm him down with “Patch me into the Holographic Projector, and let me see if I can reason with her”. Then Alpha once again pushed some buttons on a console, and the image of Zordon’s face appeared in the skies over Angel Grove.

“Rita Repulsa” Zordon called out “On behalf of Earth, Eltar, and all the peaceful planets of the universe I beseech you. Earth is a planet of peace, love, and hope there is nothing left for you here. Turn back now to your empire of dead worlds, and leave Earth alone”.

“Ahh Zordon I see being trapped in a time warp for 10,000,000 years hasn’t done your brain any favors” Rita mocked “You, and what army as I see your still trapped in that time warp, and I wiped out your pathetic champions eons ago you’ve got nothing’. Then Rita went back to laughing maniacally.

At the Command Center Alpha inquired worriedly “Now what Zordon” to which Zordon answered solemnly “There’s only one option left find five humans who’s DNA signatures match those of our previous team of Power Rangers, and see if they will volunteer to help stop Rita, and save the Astronauts”.Then Alpha pushed some more buttons on the console.

Zabitan 01/25/16 09:57 PM

Re: Power Rangers Reloaded
While at the juice bar every except Jason, Zack, Billy, Trini, and Kimberly was running out of the juice bar, when Kimberly asked worriedly “Oh my gosh what’s happening?” to which Trini could only respond “This is too weird”, and Jason tried to assure them “Hang on”.

Just then out of nowhere Jason randomly turned into red energy, Zack turned into black energy, Billy turned into blue energy, Trini turned into yellow energy, and Kimberly turned into pink energy, and they all disappeared then they rematerialized inside the Command Center.

The five friends looked around the mysterious structure to which Kimberly could only react sarcastically “Well it’s not exactly the mall”. But Billy was impressed beaming “Wow this place is magnificent”. While Jason asked confused “I don’t get it how did we end up here?”. To which Trini could only reply “I just want to know where “here” is”.

Billy then eagerly turned to the consoles, and started pressing buttons asking “Maybe the answers in these controls”. Then Alpha appeared waving his arms frantically going “Wait watch out don’t touch that woahhh” before falling down. Billy then picked up Alpha wondering out loud “Woah a fully sentient multifunctional automaton. Never seen anything like it”.

Just then Zordon appeared in the pillar, and said to the five friends “Welcome humans”. Jason then inquired “So who are you?”, and Kimberly followed with “What are you?” Zordon then answered I am Zordon an interdimensional wizard from the planet Eltar caught in a time warp”, and Alpha answered “And my name is Alpha 5 I’m Zordon’s multifunctional robotic companion, and assistant”.

Kimberly then asked dubiously “Could someone please take me back to Earth because
I’m really confused” Zordon replied with “It’s quite simple my dear this planet is under attack, and I have brought you here to save it”. “Yeah right” Zack said skeptically to which Zordon replied confidently “Ahh a nonbeliever. Look Behind you at the viewing globe. your doubts will be answered in the images you see".

Zabitan 01/25/16 11:55 PM

Re: Power Rangers Reloaded
The five friends turned to the viewing globe which then show themed various images from various civilizations, some ancient looking, some futuristic but all were beautiful, and peaceful looking.

Zordon then explained “Once upon a time the universe was in a wondrous age. Almost every planet in the universe was inhabited, and almost every civilization lived in peace.”

Then Zordon showed them some images of primitive early civilizations, and dinosaurs, and creatures the five friends believed to be myths like dragons, and unicorns. “Your planet in particular was home to a variety of wondrous creatures such as dinosaurs”.

Then the viewing globe displayed images of demonic looking creatures attacking, and destroying the various civilizations. “But where there is light there is darkness, and one terrible day numerous beings turned to evil, and began mad crusades to control the very universe itself”.

Then Zordon showed them images of Rita, her minions, and what looked like an army of sentient humanoid statues running amok. Zordon explained “But few were as powerful, and evil as Rita Repulsa. Along with her sentient clay foot soldiers, and her army of evil magical beings she laid waste to what you humans called Atlantis, and brought dinosaurs, and magical beings to extinction”.

Then he showed them images of various groups of people in colorful spandex, and helmets along with various matching vehicles that would combine to form giant robot knights. “But the evil of Rita, and other beings would not go unopposed for various peace loving beings from Earth, and other planets got together using the most ancient magic, alongside the most advanced technology to become of legion of heroes known throughout out the universe as the Power Rangers”.

Zabitan 01/25/16 11:56 PM

Re: Power Rangers Reloaded
Zordon showed some images of a primitive civilization alongside some very futuristic robotic dinosaurs, and Zordon further explained “I came to your planet, and I looked to the five clans of Atlantis to find the most powerful, brave, and wise warriors to become Earth’s team of Power Rangers, and I succeeded”.

Zordon showed them images of the five warriors four young men in red, black, blue, and yellow, and one young woman in pink, and explained “I found Prince Yamato of the Tyrannosaurus clan, Prince Sharma of the Mastodon clan, Prince Etoffe of the Triceratops clan, Prince Daim of the Sabre Tooth Tiger clan, and Princess Rinshiya of the Pterodactyl clan”.

Then Zordon showed them an elderly looking Asian man in white clothes carrying another giant scepter but his had a strange spikey spiral shape. The man also had five coins with what looked like the images of various prehistoric creatures on them that he then gave the five warriors, and Zordon explained “I then gave them the mystical medallions called the Power Coins each Power Coin was infused with the power of each clan’s respective dinosaurs”.

Then the warriors put the coins into various belt buckle like devices, and calling out the names of their respective dinosaurs, and getting their own spandex suits, and helmets. Prince Yamato got a red suit based on the Tyrannosaurus, Prince Sharma got a black suit based on a Mastodon, Prince Etoff got a blue suit based on a Tricertops, Prince Daim got a yellow suit based on a Sabre Tooth Tiger, and Princess Rinshiya got a pink suit based on a Pterodactyl.

Zordon then showed his rangers storming into Rita’s castle, and beaming down the dumpster like prison which then opened up, and fired white light at Rita, and her minions which turned them into white light, sucked them up, and closed itself. Zordon explained “Eventually my rangers were able to finally trap Rita in a space dumpster, and trap her on the moon”.

Then Zordon showed Rita casting a spell, and himself being wrapped in some weird rope made from some weird translucent blue plastic like substance, and then some images of some skeletons dressed like his rangers. Which Zordon sadly explained “But victory was not without sacrifice for not only was I banished to a time warp forever but my rangers ultimately gave their own lives for the cause”.

Zabitan 01/26/16 12:36 AM

Re: Power Rangers Reloaded
Trini then asked still in doubt “But what does all this have to do with us?” Zordon then explained “You five are direct descendants of my last team of Power Rangers, and as such only you can inherit their magnificent legacy, and save your planet”.

Then the belt buckle like devices with the dinosaur engraved coins appeared on the five teenagers. Zordon explained “Those are your Power Morphers if you or anyone else is in danger raise them out in front of you calling out the name of your dinosaur, and you will morph into the new Power Rangers”.

“Morph?” Kimberly asked still confused. Billy then explained “Metamorphosis” but Kimberly was still confused until Trini explained “That means to change”, and Kimberly nodded, and Zordon explained as Power Rangers you will have access to a universe of power, and will command a fleet of fighting machines called Zords” but Trini asked “I still don’t get it”.

Zordon showed them a red robotic Tyrannosaurus, and said “Jason bold, and powerful you shall command the Tyrannosaurus Dinozord”. Then a black robotic Mastodon “Zachary clever, and brave you shall command the Mastodon Dinozord. Then a pink robotic Pterodactyl “Kimberly graceful, and smart the Pterodactyl Dinozord shall be yours”. Then a blue robotic Triceratops “Billy patient, and wise you shall command the powerful Triceratops Dinozord”., and finally yellow robotic Sabre Tooth Tiger “Trini graceful, and agile the Sabre Tooth Tiger Dinozord shall be under your command”.

Then Zordon showed them a giant tank made from their Zords which then transformed into a giant robot knight, and Zordon explained “Just you five work together so do your zords. When you need help you need only look to the power of the Dinozords, and they will come together to form the Mighty Megazord”.

But Zack was still skeptical “Power Morphers? Megazords? Atlantis? Magical creatures? Evil space aliens? Uh uh this is too weird. I’ll tell you what it’s been real but I gotta go”. Kimberly agreed “Yeah see ya”. Then all of them except Jason started leaving, and Zack said “Ya all coming” but Jason was still taking in what Zordon was saying so Zack asked “Jason?” which brought him back long enough to answer “What?” to which Zack answered “You coming?”, and Jason answered “Yeah”, and left with them.

But before they left Zordon cried out “Wait before you go there is something you must see”. Then the viewing globe showed the two astronauts in their spaceship in Rita’s palace with the magnifying glass getting closer to burning the string, and dropping the mace. Trini then cried “Oh no”. Then Zordon explained “As you can see Rita is holding the NASADA astronauts who freed her hostage, only you as the Power Rangers can save them”.

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