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Conversation Between Zabitan and Wolf Warrior
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  1. Wolf Warrior
    07/31/11 04:45 PM
    Wolf Warrior
    can you please add all of the weapons and zords goseiger has.
  2. Zabitan
  3. Zabitan
  4. Wolf Warrior
    07/27/11 06:14 PM
    Wolf Warrior
    zords and weapons right now.
  5. Zabitan
    07/27/11 06:05 PM
    Well what pictures do you need? Rangers?, mecha?, weapons?, monsters?, all of the above?
  6. Wolf Warrior
    07/27/11 05:50 PM
    Wolf Warrior
    no i don't.
  7. Zabitan
    07/27/11 05:17 PM
    Hmm do you have a photobucket or imageshack account?

    If not I think I can help.
  8. Wolf Warrior
    07/27/11 09:40 AM
    Wolf Warrior
    i need help adding goseiger pictures for my fanfic,
  9. Wolf Warrior
    07/25/11 09:28 PM
    Wolf Warrior
    yes, get my japan ranger link to. i have decided to work on fanfic forums instead,
  10. Zabitan
    07/25/11 09:16 PM
    If you want me to all right.

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