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10/23/06, 09:34 PM
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Even though this dates back to 1994, I forgot how cheesy it was. Despite that, I really enjoyed it. Dex is actually pretty cool and the whole Edenoi story is pretty good. I especially liked all of the Edenoi scenes. The show has a really nice setup. Maybe if they focused on that more than the family stuff, it would've been successful.

The family is annoying and I definitely blame that for the show's failure. I think the biggest problem was the actors were weak. Especially Albie, but since this was done 12 years ago, I was able to look past it. I actually thought the family aspect was good, but it would've been better if everyone wasn't so darn happy. The neighbor - Molly and her geeky friend Herbie were good for a laugh though.

Ferbus is obviously my biggest annoyance. I actually forgot how annoying he is, but everytime he's onscreen I cringed. TJ Roberts does a great job with Dex though. He's the strongest character and although the writing's a little cheesy, he definitely does justice to the hero role. Count Dregon and his crew seem pretty cool as well. They definitely remind me a lot of the MMPR days.

Overall, good first impression. I'll give it an 8 for at least being more entertaining than most of S.P.D.

Masked Rider
10/26/06, 09:42 AM
Great episode although episode 2 is far better

it had pretty good fight scenes (well for masked rider) and of course ted jan roberts just makes the role his own he is very emotive during the episode.

King lexian is another characther i love

10/27/06, 11:36 PM
Woah. Defenetly sweet. thanks PA.

I'll try to buy the DVD.

10/28/06, 01:35 AM
Wow, that was worse than I remembered.