View Full Version : Digimon TV Schedule (September 2-10)

08/30/06, 04:52 PM
Orange = Season 1
Blue = Season 2
Red = Season 3
Maroon = Season 4

Toon Disney (since this is now the only channel where Digimon can be seen)
Saturday, September 2nd
6:30 PM: "Duel With the Deva"
11:00 PM: "Duel With the Deva"

Sunday, September 3rd
6:30 PM: "Digital Beauty"
11:00 PM: "Digital Beauty"

(New schedule takes effect)
Digimon on Fridays
Digimon off Saturdays

Tuesday, September 5th
7:30 PM: "Arukenimon's Tangled Web"
12:00 AM: "Arukenimon's Tangled Web"

Wednesday, September 6th
7:30 PM: "Ultimate Anti-Hero"
12:00 AM: "Ultimate Anti-Hero"

Thursday, September 7th
7:30 PM: "Opposites Attract"
12:00 AM: "Opposites Attract"

Friday, September 8th
7:30 PM: "If I Only Had a Heart"
12:00 AM: "If I Only Had a Heart"

Sunday, September 10th
10:30 PM: "Impmon's Last Stand"