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05/16/02, 09:28 PM
Do you think it would have been neater if when Adam returned (in the Power Rangers In Space episode "Always A Chance") he returned as the Green Zeo Ranger instead of the Black Mighty Morphin Power Ranger?


Cross My Line
05/19/02, 09:41 AM

05/22/02, 12:21 PM
Same here cross.

05/24/02, 01:06 AM
That would be illogical for Adam to morph with the Zeo Power. As far as we know, the Zeo powers could have been upgraded to Turbo powers. Nah, Adam morphing with the Dino-powers (not the ninja powers as some people might think, I have solid proof too) was the best move to make.

psychic ranger
01/16/11, 11:59 AM
It was better with morpher from his first ranger powers

08/29/12, 12:56 AM
The Zeo Crystal and the Turbo Powers are not connected, this was proven due to Tommy and T.J. morphing in "Forever Red."

Now in regards to the Space ep.

It would have made more sense with Adam using his Zeonizer since it wasn't destroyed and the powers were still intact but I do see why they wanted him to use the Dino powers. If it was Turbo or a season after Space, they would have opted for the Zeo powers but because Carlos was a Black Ranger during In Space, they wanted another Black Ranger to appear in the episode.

09/06/12, 12:23 AM
he kept the morpher plus it wouldn't help Carlos to get his confidence back if he use the green zeo powers

Wolf Warrior
02/12/13, 12:30 AM
I think the zeo powers were destroyed when divatox blew up the power chamber, Unless the transferre to turbo saved it.

02/12/13, 12:14 PM
I don't believe so. Tne Zeo Crystal was found under the ruins of where the Command Center was and that explosion did nothing to destroy it so I don't believe the Power Chamber's explosion would have destroyed it.

10/13/14, 12:50 PM
When this thread was created it was more widely believed that the Zeo powers became the Turbo Powers. In recent years the school of thought has changed to the powers being separate. But I think we can asume the original Turbo Rangers no longer had the Zeo Powers. Of course Tommy somehow got them back for a time during "Forever Red". But that was years after the fact.

It was actually pretty surprising that Adam could still morph during "Always A Chance". But we can assume the Rangers didnt try the same when they lost the powers since it would have been too dangerous. Without Powered teammates like the Space Rangers Adam wouldnt have had a chance.

I would assume that the Zeo Rangers gave up their powers in the Turbo movie and that they were put on hold until Tommy accessed his years later. Only for Tommy himself no longer to be using them by Dt.

But it seems Carlos continued to hang onto his morpher long past Space Era. Since I assume he still had it when Sentinal Knight fixed those powers during OO.

10/13/14, 08:25 PM
Indeed some people did think the Zeo and Turbo powers were indeed one and the same but as we know now that's no longer the case since they've been shown working at the same time.

I'm not surprise Adam was able to morph during his In Space appearance since he used his Dino Coin to morph which was never shown to be destroyed, only his Frog Coin was destroyed. The Dino Coins were typically just seen as being damaged to the point of no longer having a stable connection to the Morphin' Grid.

what do you mean by Carlos? We never saw any evidence of him having his Morpher after Space, Andros did since we saw him in "Forever Red" but as for the others including the DigiMorpher we just don't know. We do however know that they did have them for the Legendary Battle.

10/14/14, 05:26 PM
I meant Adam, dont know why I said Carlos lol

Adam White Tiger
12/18/17, 04:44 PM
I loved this episode because of Adam. It was so awesome to see him return and make a difference. I love how he dusted off the original Black Ranger Powers.

12/18/17, 04:54 PM
I don't think his return would have had the same impact with Adam using the Zeo Powers.

Massive Ego
12/18/17, 07:59 PM
I agree, it was much more dramatic with the Mastadon Coin. Since we believed the coin was gone.

A Gia To Remember
12/18/17, 08:10 PM
I was pretty surprised when Adam still had that morpher and the coin to go with it. I didn't expect him to have the Zeo Powers either.

Chaos Ranger
12/20/17, 12:37 AM
I was surprised he didn't have the Green Zeo Powers! That was a better power to save than the broken coin/ morpher.

Spike Hart
12/20/17, 09:12 AM
Adam's return was a complete surprise to me. Especially when he morphed.