View Full Version : After reading the Beast Morpher Announcement

02/17/18, 11:32 PM
So after reading the Beast Morpher press release I have some interesting observations. It kinds feels like a RPM vibe to me. Mainly the future aspect and the alien virus part. They also mentions something about using the new concepts to appeal to a wider audience.

Now they make it clear the target audience is children. But I do get the impression that they might be trying to make a series that pleases the older fanbase a bit more. Just something interesting to think about.


Green With Envy
02/17/18, 11:35 PM
You know we were so into the fact Go-buster was being adapted in the other thread, we didn't really talk about the premise. Those are interesting observations.

Hasbro Ranger
02/17/18, 11:37 PM
Perhaps Hasbro is infulencing things already?

Inner Senshi
02/17/18, 11:40 PM
Power Rangers is always going to be a kids show. But I am sure Beast Morpher will be good like wll the other seasons.

Massive Ego
02/17/18, 11:44 PM
Good points PRangerX. Perhaps I was being to hasty by dismissing the idea that this could actually be good. Perhaps Judd will finally be able to do a season on the level of his older works.

Cosmic Ranger
02/17/18, 11:45 PM
Wow now I am even more excited!

Astro Omega
02/17/18, 11:46 PM
If this ends up being the actual case, I can live with waiting for the next Space Season.

02/17/18, 11:47 PM
Today's announcement has given me hope that the next season will be better.

Usagi Reborn
02/17/18, 11:50 PM
Perhaps the movie's lukewarm response made them realize they need to think of the older audience a bit more. Just to ensure it cares enough for projects thst are meant to cater to an older audience. I am not saying that the series won't still be a kids show. But the older Saban Seasons were too and still seemed to have more appeal for older fans.

Captain Codfish
02/17/18, 11:58 PM
This week does make me feel like exciting times are in store for the brand.

Captain Mutiny
02/18/18, 12:03 AM
A lot has to happen for the new season to meat these expectations. But its definitely been a crazy week. I don't remembee a busier week, not in recent memory.

The future angle does make it sound like the next season will be different from reason ones. But SPD was in the future and turned out to be pretty lacking. So we will have to wait and see.

Summer Is Rich
02/18/18, 09:50 AM
Its a very exciting time to be a PR fan.

02/18/18, 10:01 AM
I wouldn't rule out Kyu coming next. Personally I always thought Gobusters was a missed opportunity but going with Dino Charge made a lot of sense.

02/18/18, 10:05 AM


You all better hope and pray that this one doesn't end up anything like that.

Digimon Ranger
02/18/18, 10:14 AM
I'm not a big fan of Go-buster. And I hate the leather suits. At least Judd doesn't usually copy Sentai verbatim.

Sentai Mighty
02/18/18, 10:18 AM
I'm excited but for a much different reason than you guys. As much as people are saying this is a new and original storyline... The virus angle is straight from Go-busters. So this means they are actually going back to adapting Japanese Sentai heavily.