View Full Version : Favorite 6th Ranger Zord

03/19/02, 11:51 PM
Which of the following 6th Ranger zords was your favorite? I didnt have enough choices to include Pyramidas or Max SoloZord so if one of those was your favorite you can reply if you want to


go galactic
03/20/02, 12:42 PM
max solarzord was one agile dude i liked him
but i will choose the dragonzord

Cross My Line
03/20/02, 05:11 PM
DragonZord. (You know he's the best when the Q-Rex stole its soundbyte on its first appearance. As did Trakeena in big purple form in the LG/LR teamup.)

03/20/02, 08:29 PM
Love the Q-Rex

Cross My Line
03/21/02, 11:26 PM
Perhaps it should be renamed the Soundbyte StealerZord. Oh its true, its damn true.

psychic ranger
05/11/14, 05:37 PM
q rex or the max solarzord

09/04/17, 02:32 AM
Saba. Hands down

09/04/17, 10:38 AM
Saba. Hands down

that's not a zord.

Falconzord Commander
10/16/17, 11:22 PM
Dragonzord hands down. Its interesting how that zord was never destroyed.